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Amor Fati

What is time anyway? 

Determined by Greenwich astronomers, time is little more than an agreed upon mathematical construct that we use to categorize nearly every significant piece of our lives, and the insignificant parts too. A most human thing indeed. 

I speak for myself when I say I have lost count of the candles I have blown out wishing for more of it. Then, on other days I had wished time away, somehow having lost my perspective on what on earth to do with it.

  Here we are, with a truckload of hours suddenly dumped in each of our laps, every single one of us. I am reminded of the 1931 Salvador Dali painting, Persistence of Memory, as I reflect on the ever changing tempo of our world. Personally, I’m still deciding how I feel about this. For the most part, I’m feeling I have been given a gift. The gift of unmeasured, meandering walks, bubble baths without end, and cuddles whenever I want them instead of having to wait until 5 o’clock to collect them.

I stopped listening to the constant newscasts as it leads me to feel as though we’ve slipped into some kind of infernal purgatory jammed in between the pages of a Stephen King novel. And forget all about the lottery we won that sent us on this sweet staycation with the people we love the most.

We have finally been granted the time to stare into the eyes of our children and simply appreciate them. We get a chance to show them how to find the amazing artist that lives within them by finger painting flowers into their memories that they will one day pass on to our grandchildren. With the click of the clock having far less influence on us, we’re blessed with more steps in our walks with our loving mate, and bold stops along the trail just to kiss them. Minutes that are no longer counted to chat on the phone with our mom and dad to thank them for giving us the life we so very much cherish. Many of us are getting some healthy soil under our nails as we grow new breeds of plants in our gardens and others are creating fantastical dishes that expand our palates with the newfound bounty of produce. More of us are creating films of our new daily lives portraying the hilarious acrobatic leaps our pets must make to clear the hoarded paper supplies. We are sitting down and eating more meals with our families, reading more books, laying more colors on recycled objects, playing more music, meditating longer, writing more stories, and getting to know our loved ones a whole lot better!

In no way am I suggesting that you stop tuning in to the televised alphabet soup or whatever your favorite source of world information happens to be. 

But I am whole-heartedly advising that we take hold of the overly sanitized, chapped hand of our beloved and use this gift of time to cultivate all that we have been wishing and hoping for every weekend that seems to end too soon. We don’t have to wait to love this situation from some distant future looking back at it fondly.

To borrow a Latin phrase, we can decide to simply amor fati right now.

Rebel Lilly

~A lover of lesser used words, critters of every order, and coffee. She is the girl that prefers her flowers uncut, her sunshine unbroken by clouds, and her toes in the sand.  

•All statements made in this blog are my opinion and my thoughts alone. Statements on this blog and webpage are not to be taken as medical advice in any manner. I base my writings on my personal experiences and on my own inquiry. It is highly suggested readers complete their own research and consult a medical professional before implementing any guidance offered here.

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