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Famous Author Workshop: Tom Corcoran

Monday, March 9th

3pm – 5pm

Only 30 spots available!

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Famous Author Writing Workshop | Tom Corcoran

Each participant in a writing workshop arrives with a unique set of priorities, a bundle of concepts, a different philosophy—and a list of questions. I will arrive with my experience—either a lot or a little—with everything from novels to photo captions to journalism to tech writing to song lyrics. My workshop will focus on fiction and non-fiction and a certain amount on poetry. I believe that non-fiction requires creativity, too.

Among the possible topics for discussion will be:

 – The fight for originality.

 – How to be a true observer.

 – Channeling the lyrics of Chuck Berry.

 – Thanking your eighth-grade English teacher.

 – Inventing (somewhat) flawed characters.

 – Using detail effectively and sparingly. 

 – Knowing when not to break the rules.

 – Forming your own critical mob.



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