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Motus en Tempus

Opens: Saturday September 6th • 6pm
Closes: Thursday September 26th • 5pm

This exciting and captivating exhibition features the work of five Cuban American artists, Alexander Morales, Dayron Gonzalez, Julio Figueroa Beltran, Reynier Ferrer, and Reynier Llanes, united by their culture and heritage and the realities of immigration and assimilation into a new culture.

Through Their Eyes

Opens: Friday, September 6th • 6pm
Closes: Thursday, September 26th • 5pm

In this exhibition, we have invited 36 local artists specializing in a wide variety of styles and media to capture one another in their own unique fashion. Each artist will create a work of art featuring a randomly selected fellow artist, in order to present their own inimitable perspective – through their eyes.”

TGIM September 9th, 2019

Monday, September 9th
Doors: 6:30PM • Films: 7:00PM

Watch short indie films and get a look at how the Fort Myers Film Festival views submissions for independent films and participate in the selection process.

Art and Poetry Sept 19

Art and Poetry Sept 19

Thursday, September 19th | 8:00PM
Take part in the monthly Art and Poetry Networking Event from Gulf Coast Leisure! Experience the best talent SWFL has to offer.

Dark Art 2019

Opens: Friday, October 4th • 6pm
Closes: Friday October 18th • 5pm

This October the Syzygy Collaborative Art Project will present the third annual Dark Art exhibition, a juried collection of works by a wide variety of local painters, sculptors, photographers and mixed media artists who have all met the challenge of exploring the darkest themes in art.

Shock Rocked: Punk Subculture

Opens: Friday, October 4th • 6pm
Closes: Friday October 18th • 5pm

The Punk Subculture From album covers to zines, the aesthetic of punk rock has always existed to shock and intrigue its viewers.