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Harp Lessons

at the Davis School of Music

Harp Lessons FAQ

What can I learn in harp lessons?
Our voice instructor understands that every student has their own goals and level of experience. Our instructor makes it a priority to tailor your harp lessons to fit your individual needs.
How long does it take to learn to play the harp?
Every student is different, and may learn at a different pace, therefore there is no true answer. With regular practice and the help of our instructors, a basic level of skill can be acquired within a few months. Students may find that they desire lessons in the long term, to continue growing their skill set and improving.
Can I begin lessons even if I have no musical talent?
Of course. Anyone can learn to play with the correct teaching and guidance the Davis School offers.
Harp Instructor

Barbara Fischer

Southwest Florida harpist Barbara Fischer has never known a home without a harp.  She has earned superior ratings in competitions, even before beginning formal study. Through her collegiate studies, Barbara has had the opportunity to play under renowned composer, conductor and clinician Dr. David R. Holsinger. In addition, she frequently adds musical ambiance to events in the community such as weddings, dinners, and church services. Still, her main love is arranging music for the harp: especially gospel and pop (check out her YouTube channel here). She loves the feeling of playing an “unharpistic” piece on an electric harp, and hopes to bring the harp off of the pedestal and into the real world. Barbara has been published in a premier harp periodical, The American Harp Journal, and enjoys teaching private music lessons, as well as blogging. Barbara holds a BA in Communication and an MA in English.

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