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Did somebody say free wine?

Why Should I Become a Member or a Volunteer?

Membership has its rewards. At least That’s what I have always heard. Strength in numbers, that’s another one. These may very well be old clichés, yet their truths cannot be denied. Why be a solo voice when you can become part of a chorus that will rock the house? 

Consider becoming a bonafide member with us or volunteer. This friendship actually comes with benefits!

The networking opportunities are tremendous in an art center, rubbing elbows with people from various backgrounds translates into an explosion of personal growth! You become more solution oriented and learn new understandings. We have super cool world-wide collaborations here. You could gain access to more education and training in something you may never have considered before! These experiences will also help you build a better resumé.

There is always something new and different happening in this space and you will be inspired by at least one of them. It feels so good to belong. You will always know you are never alone as you will have a place you can come to and find someone here that will listen to your ideas. You may even meet your new best friend!

Giving back. That is always a winner. You have skills like no other and we need you. Come share your strengths, shed any ideas of shortcomings, and come as you are! Your contribution, whether monetary or time, will impact what we as an art center can do to enhance the experience of every life we touch.

Remember what they said about idle hands… join us and keep your hand on the pulse of what’s happening in your community.

Oh, and we must not forget the swag! Volunteers get to attend world class events while working, scrumptious meals are provided (during special events), hours are school accredited, one free glass of wine at events, plus have the chance to earn t-shirts, name badges, and concert tickets! Members receive a one of a kind Sidney & Berne Davis Art Center tote bag loaded with goodies! Inside you will find an executive SBDAC pen and notepad, the ever coveted little beverage koozie, and a ten percent discount on your event tickets. You also receive a member’s card with your name on it that you can present to over a dozen downtown businesses for a special perk! Oh, and a free glass of wine on opening night every month too!

(Over 21 of course…)


Rebel Lilly

~A lover of lesser used words, critters of every order, and coffee. She is the girl that prefers her flowers uncut, her sunshine unbroken by clouds, and her toes in the sand.  

Communications Manager

Sidney & Berne Davis Art Center

2301 First Street, Fort Myers Fl. 33901




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