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Divine Hypocrisy

Artist: David Acevedo

Opens: May 5th | 6:00pm

Closes: May 25th | 5:00pm

SBDAC’s Grand Atrium

Donations Encouraged

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The show is entitled Divine Hypocrisy. It will be complied of approximately 35 pieces, in various sizes and all in my distinctive mixed media of acrylics, oil sticks, inks, and pencils, on canvas. 

The collection cohesively exposes some of my personal experiences, some recent and some not, and visions and interpretations from family stories and anecdotes. To say that there is highly personal symbolism in these pieces is an understatement. I’m portraying images, however, that are easy to relate to – since some imagery is common, with perspectives and attractive colors, textures, etc. 

Divine Hypocrisy, as I see it, hits at my own personal relationship, or lack thereof, with religion, old customs, certain communal tendencies, and other aspects of control, which I’ve fought or liberated myself from in my adulthood. It’s also a claim to critique and comment on social issues, such as repression, human rights, activism, and other social concerns of mine. 

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