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4P Music Lessons

4P: Publishing, Production, Promotion & Performance

Private & Group Lessons Offered for All Ages!

  • Voice
  • Bass
  • Guitar
  • Drum
  • Keyboard

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Students will also learn music theory and audio engineering as supplements to their instrumental studies. Desktop Audio Workstations function as compact recording studios with virtual and live instrumentation. Students play and record with the virtual instruments until they are ready to join up with others and form a band.


Private lessons:
1 hour music lesson per week: $60 per lesson.
1⁄2 hour music lesson per week: $30 per lesson.

Class Lessons:
1 hour class lesson per week: $60/# of students:
2 students: $30 each per lesson.
3 students: $20 each per lesson.
4 students: $15 each per lesson.
5 students: $12 each per lesson.
6 or more students: $10 each per lesson.

* To receive a make-up lesson, the student or parent must give the instructor notice of the absence 24 hours prior to their regularly scheduled lesson time, unless extenuating circumstances prevent this. Any exceptions will be made at the instructor’s discretion.

About Michael Paul:

4P Music Director Michael Paul has been teaching music for over 30 years. At Florida South Western State College (then Edison C.C.) Michael entered on a voice scholarship, and studied guitar, bass, piano, and voice, receiving an Associates Degree in music in 1999. Michael moved to Nashville and returned to school on a guitar scholarship at Middle Tennessee State University receiving his BA in Recording Industry Business with a Minor in Music. Michael further developed 4P Music while teaching in Nashville and surrounding areas, and releasing Secret of the Strings first as a book, and then as a series of play-along CDs. He opens 4P Music Studios at the Sidney & Berne Davis Art Center to bring together his knowledge of music and the recording industry and delivering it to students in a fun and interesting way.

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