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Encounter II

Opens: August 6th | 6:00PM

Closes: August 25th | 3:00PM


Gallery Hours:

Monday-Thursday 10am-3pm

Fridays 10am-10pm


General Admission: $1 entry donation

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Interested in advancing the promotion of visual artists who are part of the dynamics of the aesthetic itinerary of Cuban art, we present ENCOUNTER: Seven Contemporary Cuban Artists, exhibition conceived from a body of works from nine artists. The compendium is composed of creators of different aesthetic tendencies, who express moods, feelings and points of view on dissimilar subjects or diverse interests about the individuals, their surroundings, everyday issues, landscapes and objects that have caught their attention.

The participating artists are Aimeé Pérez, Rigoberto Mena, Lía Galletti, Ismael Gómez Peralta, Asbel Dumpierre, Armando Pérez Alemán, and Víctor Gómez, all considered outstanding representatives of contemporary art, appealing with their imaginary to the expression of technical virtuosity learned in their student years. An interest in research, of wide and imaginative diapason, is part of the particular discourse of those involved, whose gaze is watchful to technical and formal searches. This visual compendium inserts itself in the contemporary Cuban plastic arts with its own stamp and inescapable style. The creators are entities with autonomous lives, recognized as artistic personalities, whose professional careers have been enriched by experience, which complements a broad and diverse creative work.

From their distinctive artistic discourses, these creators, all living in Miami, think about the vast and complex reality of the artistic universe through different codes, which allow them to conceive the iconographic dimension of their visuality as an expression of identity based on visual associations that contribute to enrich the artistic  panorama of the contemporary scene. Their creations exalt the knowledge of the Cuban culture’s historical legacy and the cultural heritage of the society.

The purpose of this encounter focuses on variants of artistic expressions, the result of the work of various artists, with the intention of reacting and promoting the talent, the diversity of trends and the different ways of assuming art, expressed with an aesthetic repertoire that moves us. This collection forms a wide spectrum of diverse creations, made by artists renowned for their extensive participation in both collective and individual exhibitions, throughout their prolific professional careers.

When assuming a valuing attitude about a compendium of this kind, the conceptual judgment established should consider as a premise that each one of the chosen collections reflects the curator’s personal satisfaction, who selects them according to his point of view and recognizes the value he gives to the exhibitors whose discourse is distinctive, original or marked by the aesthetic force of a work that impresses and satisfies. This body of works, conceived with outstanding aesthetic propositions, contributes to enrich the national and international panorama. 

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