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Fort Myers Film Festival – Thursday Screenings

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Thursday, April 7, 2016

10:00 am
Time Simply Passes (54m.) Time Simply Passes is a film about James Joseph Richardson, an orange picker in Florida who was wrongfully convicted of murdering his seven children in 1967 in Lee County. He spent 21 years in prison, until he was released in 1989 when the conviction was overturned due to miraculous circumstances. For a moment, he became a National celebrity and the face of the Innocence Movement. For the past 25 years, he’s been struggling to survive, living off donations from friends while attempting to receive compensation from the State. This is a film about race, about Florida, about the evolution of small-town justice, about forgotten historical moments, about systemic corruption at all levels of government, and a philosophical evaluation of the concept of restorative compensatory justice. Q&A with Ty Flowers.
Directed by Ty Flowers
Strictly Local: Justice; Race; Black; Lee County


12:00 pm
Coastal Dune Lakes: Jewels of Florida’s Emerald Coast (56m, U S A) The coastal dune lakes of northwest Florida are home to many diverse species—some of them endangered such as the loggerhead sea turtle, the snowy plover, and the Choctawhatchee beach mouse. These lakes also offer locals and visitors a peaceful haven, which has led to an increase in human activity resulting in both positive and negative effects. Journey with filmmaker Elam Stoltzfus to see what makes these lakes unique and how they are being protected. The film explores what local organizations are doing to ensure that future generations can enjoy Florida’s natural beauty and endangered wildlife.
Directed by Elam Stoltzfus
Documentaries: Florida water; Climate; Wildlife protection

1:00 pm

She Started It (90m, USA) She Started It is a documentary that provides a rare look in the lives of five ambitious women entrepreneurs (Thuy, Brienne, Sheena, Stacey & Agathe) who will stop at nothing to pursue their dreams.
Directed by Nora Poggi
Documentaries: Women, Business: Entrepreneurialism

2:30 pm
“Voice of the Valley” (12m, U S A) Born with TAR syndrome, a rare genetic disorder, Colby VanVoorhis uses his voice to fit in and indulge his love for sports.
dir. by Kenny MacBain
Shorts: TAR syndrome; Inspiration

El Primer Dia (20m, U S A) On his first day out of prison, a troubled man tries to re-establish his relationship with his five year old daughter.
dir. by Rita Pereyra
Shorts: Christian, Hispanic, Latino, Women, Student Film, Children, Mature/Adult, Black, Senior, Youth

Two left feet (6m, Italy) In a neighborhood of Rome, Mirko is playing soccer with his friends. He meets Luana, sitting nearby. The two twelve years olds hit it off but an awful surprise leaves Mirko breathless. Luana instead smiles happily for the first time in her life.
dir. by Claudia Mignosi
Shorts: Disability, Children, Youth, Comedy

Von Strantz “1793” (5m, U S A) Practical effects create this unique music video about a marionette’s journey to the city. The video was filmed in layers with a projection of the lead singers face cast onto a mask and puppet.
sub. by Joe Leavell
Short Shorts: Animation, Film Noir, Drama, Romance, Horror, Thriller, Fantasy, Music, Adventure

Wild Vision (9m, U S A) Although Carl Heilman II has been photographing the beauty of the Adirondacks for 40 years, there’s something that keeps him coming back for more.
dir. by Daniel McCullum
Documentaries: Photography; Natural beauty

The Blue Room (5m, U S A) A short film about a young woman having a phone conversation with her mother.
dir. by Mathilde Suissa
Shorts: Women, Student Film

3:30 pm
The Break Up (3m, U S A) A boy and his imaginary friend decide it’s time to part ways.
dir. by Desta Reff
Short Shorts: Children; Imagination

Touch (6m, U S A) A curious photographer lives through her camera and views the world through her lens. However by doing so she may be losing touch with humanity.
dir. by Harper Rogers
Shorts: Children; Mystery; Adventure

Travel Companions (3m, U S A) Oursie the bear and Ampersand the snail go on a journey to reunite Ampersand with her family. Along the way they must brave the elements, and discover that it’s who you’re with that makes your travels worthwhile.
sub. by Alex Anderson-Kenney
Short Shorts: Children; Animation; Family

Golden Shot (9m, Turkey) Imagine the sun, by looking at a light bulb.
dir. by Gokalp Gonen
Shorts: Animation, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Action, Mystery, Adventure

A Drag Queen For Kids (14m, U S A) A show that’s complicated for everyone except the kids.
dir. by Byron Karabatsos
Documentaries: LGBTQ; Children

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