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From April 10 – 14th, the Fort Myers Film Festival returns to SBDAC! Fort Myers Film Festival 2019 will host full length and short films throughout the week. Check these top film picks from the festival curator.

Fort Myers Film Festival 2019 Top Picks

  1. In A Man and His Trumpet: The Leroy Jones Story, follow Jones’ life journey as he came up playing on the streets of the Saint Bernard Projects, quickly establishing himself as one of NOLA’s most sought after trumpeters, founding the legendary Fairview Baptist Brass Band and Hurricane Brass Band which lead to the revival of the brass band scene in New Orleans. Opens Wednesday, April 10th at 7pm. VIP and GA tickets on sale now.
  2. David Sutherland’s Marcos Doesn’t Live Here Anymore examines the U.S. immigration system with the help of two unforgettable protagonists, demonstrating the human cost of deportation. Opens Thursday, April 11th at 9am. Tickets now available.

  3. Worlds of Ursula K. Le Guin is a feature documentary that explores the remarkable life and legacy of the science fiction and fantasy fort myers film festival 2019writer Ursula K. Le Guin, who passed away in 2018. Produced with Le Guin’s participation over the course of a decade, the film is a journey through the writer’s inimitable career and her worlds, both real and fantastic. Opens Thursday, April 11th at 5:30pm. Tickets on sale here.
  4. Long Time Coming: A 1955 Baseball Story documents two teams of 12-year-old boys who defied social norms to change the world when racial segregation defined America. Opens Friday, April 12th at 6:15pm. Tickets available here.
  5. Black, White & US explores racism in America like it has never been seen before through the lives of four white families in Utah who adopt African American children and overcome their own inherent biases to become advocates. Opens Saturday, April 13th at 4:30pm. Get tickets here.
  6. Surviving Lunch is about a beautiful teenage girl named Gabriella moves to Florida after a violent event tears her life apart. As Gabriella struggles to overcome her grief, she sees a boy being bullied in the lunchroom and begins a dangerous quest to stop the fort myers film festival 2019meanest boy in school. Opens Saturday, April 13th at 8pm. Buy tickets here.
  7. The Rad Shorts Official Selections contains six short films on a variety of subjects. Fort Myers Film Festival 2019 curator Eric Raddatz says about these selections: “Ok I picked the tenth one, and it is actually six films, but it is important to remember that sometimes the best picks are the short blocks. You simply get more film for your buck and each is tenderly curated for your pleasure. This particular block as almost all of the filmmakers attending. I found each of these films so moving I’m thinking if you had to pick only one short block it has to be this one.” Purchase tickets here.

Fort Myers’ Best Film Fest

There are so many films to see at this year’s Film Festival! To view all the listing and purchase tickets, click here.

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