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Six Fingers Studios is celebrating their one year anniversary! This Fort Myers recording studio opened its doors in February 2018. Six Fingers has been up to quite a bit since their grand opening. Learn more about the highlights from their first year in business.

Partners in Production

Since opening, Six Fingers Studios has developed partnerships with several businesses, helping them grow in their first year. Power and light company LCEC was the first to partner with the Fort Myers recording studio. This partnership has helped create programming for teens, and helped bring more music to SWFL.

Additional partnerships include Ford Entertainment Magazine, one of the leading independent hip hop publications in the Southeast. This collaboration has helped Six Fingers Studios reach into Fort Myers abundant hip hop community.

Six Fingers is currently looking to form relationships with businesses in the SWFL community that are interested in fostering recording arts education, whether production or performance. In 2019, Six Fingers aims to develop more partnerships that help them reach these goals.

Shout Outs & Recognition

Cool Dead Women

From podcasts to hard rock, Six Fingers Studios has had the opportunity to record, mix, and master for a wide range of clients. One such client brought in an idea for a podcast called “Cool Dead Women.” The 10 minute episodes told the stories of women who lead impressive lives, but got little recognition. Ms. Magazine must have like the idea, because they picked up the story!

Plus, Six Fingers Studios worked with Florida record label Creative Minds Records as a proud sponsor of their talent search. The talent search winner, TJ Brown, recorded at Six Fingers, where he had the chance to work with music industry veteran and producer, Johnny Marrs

Local Contributions

Macy Lame

Six Fingers Studios is proud to make contributions to the local music scene. Through programming and sponsorship, Six Fingers allows artists of all ages and economic backgrounds to foster their dreams. Events like Teen Rock the River give young musicians a chance to experience a recording studio for the first time. The 2018 winner was awarded studio time for 2 singles. This year’s winner, Macy Lame, just recently brought her band, Even Less Friends, to record.

Music competitions held at SBDAC also include the Summer Singer-Songwriter Competition. Now in its 3rd year, this competition offers recording time to the winner. The 2019 winner, Kyle Anne Duggan, is set to record her new EP in the coming months. Throughout these endeavors, Six Fingers Studios stays committed to providing a space to nurture SWFL’s talent.

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