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Artist: Mully

Artist: Mully

Opens: November 3rd | 6:00pm

Closes: November 21st | 5:00pm

SBDAC’s Grand Atrium

Entry: Donations

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The title of this current body of work comes from our ever-growing stage of technology. With the threat of AI as a new competitor in the art field, Mully believes it is best to embrace it and use technology as a tool, a part of his process. Many of his paintings start in the raw form on the IPAD, using technology to enhance his references, blur, liquify, distort, use chromatic aberration, add layers of other images and so much more. Mully is willing to embrace anything that enables his process.

Collectors will immediately see in this new series of works, there is a definite new  vision from Mully, he has not only included his iconic beautiful women highlighted with the infamous pink but an assortment of original pieces. A Mully paint session starts like any other, with a blank canvas to warm up and get his hands dirty. He might splash a little paint, drip some water and then let it flow. At this point, it is all about the fun, free, spontaneous, go-with-it state of mind, some might consider it play. Once the energy is on the abstract canvas and he is in the flow, the time is right to pull out some other works that are already in progress. The studio could have anywhere from three to an infinite number in rotation. These second, third, and more pieces have started with a plan, a more structured image. Most of these pieces began at a live painting session or were brought to new life in the presence of others. Others inspire Mully and never likes to single out any current body of work and he continues to add to pieces already hung on the wall. He tends to question if they are ever really finished.

At first glance, one might think that your eyes are playing tricks, your vision is blurred, and you are seeing double, but that is exactly the point. See the art from a distance and then up close as it changes.

See the art at many levels of depth to change your perspective. Just see the art in this new series by Mully called “GLITCH”

Artist Bio

About my process… painting for me is like going into a meditative state, everything else around me is blocked out and I focus on the details of my art. I like to start new paintings, I love the energy of a new painting, not knowing how it will end up. And then abandoned, for now, to start another new piece at my next chance to create. Once I have several paintings in this abandoned state, I reclaim them and paint them all together at the same time. I set one up to absorb my paint and then rotate in the next piece. Thus, bringing a very cohesive body of work. It’s all about my layers and the experimental process of building up a painting. Some are very clearly complete and finished, while others I am constantly playing with, that may never be complete. But like I said before it’s about the process, the art of creating, that is where the real magic lies.

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