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David Acevedo

Opens: July 3rd • 6pm

Closes: July 30th • 3pm

General Admission: $1 entry donation

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David Acevedo

Exploring new and past mediums, “Introspection” contains paintings created in the last year that use human interactions, experiences and perceptions as inspiration.

His composition and symbolism is more focused and relevant to his environment. In addition, his approach to the mixing of mediums has reached a higher level of expertise. He has incorporated silkscreen printing, spray acrylic paint and stencils with traditional acrylic painting on large scale canvases. Recognizable by the impeccably bold colors, textures and clever compositions. He has, however, created darker imagery attributed to his silent resistance to conformity and established stereotypes. A notable part of his depictions is the hidden message or symbols, which draw the viewer into each piece and proposes an almost inevitable wonder. This collection of new works, illustrates where David explores the juxtaposition of beauty and evil. Parting from the known fact that appearances can be deceiving, Acevedo plays with symbols and words to propose that beauty is not always a positive characteristic. The pieces in his collection vary from medium to large scale, enhanced with exaggerated installation-like additions, which complement Acevedo’s vision.

Guests who are weary of attending the public reception will have the opportunity of a more intimate, social distancing-conscious reception when reserving for one of three VIP parties hosted by the artist. Reservations are accepted from the artist’s website at:

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