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Hours blended into days and days melted into weeks of rebreathing stale air and chomping at the bit of isolation, until finally, local creatives have broken free from within the confines of their home studios. Their beautiful hearts are bursting at the seams and spilling love everywhere their paint can run.

Our remarkable curator, Cesar Aguilera decided to invite a few local, superbly talented artists to join him in creating a bright and bold banner project to proudly announce that we are back and ready to show our stuff! 

With many years of strong rapport and trust, these artists were granted nary a restriction and were asked to ‘bring on the flow’. And bring the flow, they did! It is their inspiration that has so lovingly breathed new life into our fantasmic First Street vibe.

The staff here at the Sidney & Berne Davis Art Center are dancing with joy at the reality of once again having new life and living colors in the Fort Myers River District! 

This is an absolute must see! As you approach on First Street, the pieces from left to right are as follows; 

Banner1: “El Bandido” by Marcus Zotter, “Zotter Art”

Banner2: “Summer Lover” by Mully,

Banner3: “Kosmic Notes of Love” by Marvin Rouse,  

Banner4: “The Ascend of Lakshmi” by Cesar Aguilera,

Banner5: “Twin Flames” by Dharma Lefevre,

I know it has been awhile since some of you walked by the water, shopped in the unique stores, eaten in the restaurants, and perused the many art establishments in downtown Fort Myers. I am now offering my personal invitation to you to consider doing just that. And most importantly, come inside and see what else is new. You are going to like what you see!



Rebel Lilly

~A lover of lesser used words, critters of every order, and coffee. She is the girl that prefers her flowers uncut, her sunshine unbroken by clouds, and her toes in the sand.  

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Sidney & Berne Davis Art Center

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