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Beth Carter Bell

Opens: November 6th | 6:00PM

Closes: November 24th | 3:00PM

General Admission: $1 entry donation

Call the box office for more info


About the I’earth Exhibit

By: Beth Carter Bell


The Sidney and Berne Davis Art Center is in for a landmark exhibit by Artist, Beth Carter Bell. As a two time winner of the ever coveted “Berne’s Choice Award” at SBDAC, Beth has labored for the past six years in the preparation of the I’earth exhibit. However, the timing for the exhibit could never have been more appropriate considering the fact that humanity is going through a global pandemic and the U.S. is in an economic recession along with civil unrest and confrontation with authorities spread nationwide. 

One reason why the I’earth exhibit is so timely is because it is about hope for humanity and it is a response to the state of the world. It is not a response with criticism and condemnation of what is happening, rather it is about how to move forward from here on. Beth Carter Bell believes that the culture that brought us to this point is not the culture that will lead us away from social, economic, and environmental disaster. Her exhibit suggests that we, humanity, can and should evolve culturally towards a better version of ourselves with better stewardship of the planet and better relations between humanity and all of the other species who call planet earth home. Creatures, who like us, just want to live and have their place in the world.

Ticket Policy

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