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Music Lessons

Sidney & Berne Davis Art Center presents a music program that connects students with the four key aspects of the music and recording industries: Publishing, Production, Promotion & Performance. This approach ensures that while our students grow in knowledge of their instrument and the theory underlying music itself, they will also be exposed to a variety of ways to channel their expression. Due to advancements in technology over the past several years, the tools for studio production, desktop publishing, and online promotion are now readily available and affordable.
A Rock & Roll Revolution is at hand!

Individual and class instrumental lessons are offered to students of all ages for voice, guitar, bass, keyboard, and drums. Students will also learn music theory and audio engineering as supplements to their instrumental studies.

4P Music Studios & 4P Music Network have been created to educate our students in the use of these tools, and to foster a collaborative atmosphere that can inspire them to create, grow, and flourish throughout these changing times.

4P Music Studios offer a hands-on learning experience sure to engage students of all ages. Each Desktop Audio Workstation (DAW), the is a compact recording studio that contains thousands of songs that our students can play along with, at any speed, and an almost limitless amount of sounds that they can create using both virtual and live instrumentation. Thus, a student can play and record with a virtual band until they are ready to join up with other students and form a band.

At 4P Music we realize that a musician’s success is directly proportional to the amount of time they spend practicing and playing their instrument. To help or students develop the desire to play, the 4P Music Studios have been set up to make this experience fun and interesting, and at the same time, challenging and focused enough to be effective.
At each station, the student can create just about any sound imaginable and record it to disc at various speeds. Playing it back, they can assess where mistakes may have been made, and then it’s on to the next take until they have it. By repeating their success at gradually higher speeds they can ascend to performance level and beyond.
Studio Time is offered to our students and the general public at private & class lesson rates, with flexible availability. Studio time can be booked as needed through the website and must be paid in full when the time is reserved.

The Studio Time Training Program is a 4 hour introductory audio engineering course that covers basic DAW operations and the studio hardware available for use at the SBDAC. This class and 4P Music Network registration are required if you are not enrolled as a student but would like to come in and lay down some tracks. Private and class lesson rates apply.


4P Music Network is a place where musicians and technicians can share their ambitions. Here our students get to decide what they want to learn to do themselves, and who they need to meet to do the rest. The network can be used to find others of like mind and abilities to form classes (subject to instructor approval), practice partners, and bands. The network is open to the public and our hope is that over time, both the musical and artistic community will join us and embrace this opportunity to connect as well.

4P Music Network Events are open to the public and a great opportunity for our students and the 4P Music Network community to get up on stage and perform. We invite anyone connected to music through their art, business, or love of it to join us.

Events are held on the 4th Friday of every month.