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Seed, Time, and Harvest

Challen “Lexie” Rivera, Wanda Hamilton

Opens: February 5th | 6:00PM

Closes: February 26th | 3:00PM

*Gallery Closed February 8, 11, 12, 19

General Admission: $1 entry donation

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Seed, Time, and Harvest

Courage to make a change STARTS with the boldness to infuse within our children a sense of dignity and determination. This mother-daughter exhibition explores the elements of a brave new world for the nucleus of the black community. The family.

This exhibit features mixed media works, sure to give viewers a unique perspective on ethnicity, identity, family and love through the eyes of the artists. Create legacy everyday is our Seed, Time, and Harvest. Experience works of Wanda Hamilton and Challen Rivera (Hamilton).


Wanda Hamilton 

Wanda Hamilton was born and raised in Chicago. Growing up in a time of social and racial upheaval, Hamilton’s fondest childhood memories constantly centered around a grandmother’s unshakable influence. A family bible with color illustrations of masterworks fixed her youngheart on the power of classical art. Her childhood love for art grew into seeing an apparent absence of notable blacks associated with this timeless form of art expression. From early on, her goal has been to help change that landscape.

As a mother and grandparent she now focuses on solidifying an artistic legacy for her descendants through encouragement, mentoring and building a body of work to inspire spiritual,mental and emotional growth. Being a self taught artist, Hamilton uses oils to create the majority of her pieces. Yet, as she continues to experience life from a unique perspective she never rules out where the arts may take her next.

While gaining craft knowledge from a multitude of resources, she’s shown in Chicago and NewYork with works displayed in California, Florida, New Mexico and Texas. While Chicago will always be her home, her long term goal is to share her creations in Africa and Europe as well as other art hubs across the United States.


Challen “Lexie” Rivera

A.k.a C. Lexicution, C Rivera Creations

In two words the creative style of this aspiring contemporary artist can only be described intrinsic and saucy! Challen Rivera’s family roots, though established in Ft.Myers, harken back in large part to the mountains of Jamaica and the Calypso heritage and spring forth through each stroke of her brush.

Challen, a young wife and mother of four, is being mentored by her mother, Wanda Hamilton. She attributes the entirety of her artistic pursuits to Wanda’s encouragement and influence. Stories of Challen’s personal beliefs, relationships and experiences are told through her unique approach to the canvas. Inevitably, her bold and colorful style will influence the art world for years to come.

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