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Oddities Rising

Artist: Phoenix Sol

Artist: Phoenix Sol

Opens: October 6th | 6:00pm

Closes: October 17th | 5:00pm

SBDAC’s Capital Gallery

Entry: Donations

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First and foremost I need you to know that all specimens shared here tonight were collected from nature or the roadside. I, in no way, condone the killing of living creatures for art of any kind!

The exhibition that you will experience here tonight has many facets. The items used for each piece were taken from my collection of whatnots, some dating back 10 years. 

I allow the creation to flow naturally in an organic way. I truly like using leverage in my art, then using a binder to hold it permanently in place.  I do not like to force processes,

if it looks as if it is floating, then that is where the natural order of things fell together. 

It is my first solo show of artistic creations that I, in the past, have only made as a passionate hobby. 

I create from a love of resurrecting the body after life has ended. What I have found through this type of work is death positivity. It is a highly taboo topic.

An ending that we all have in common, no matter the life we have lived, the blessings or sins we have bestowed onto others.


What I wish for you, is to come through open-mindedness and challenge your boundaries; to leave phased, with a perspective understanding of the beauty in death.

I welcome you to view my heart & soul laid before you, in a labyrinth of collection. I intend this to be my only public showing of my works. 

As I am a private artist, who is considering commissions in the future.

I would also like to share that my daughter, Kitty Kat, has created available pieces. She is self-inspired from concept to creation. 

I Thank You and Appreciate Your Time… As you hopefully will have learned through this exhibit, those who’ve died today, had plans for tomorrow.

I have included a guest book in the space, in hopes that you would take a moment, if drawn to do so, to share with me, as I have shared with you tonight.

About the artist

Phoenix Sol {Roadside Salvage Artist}

Phoenix is a born & raised Lee County native of 44 years. She resides in a lush country setting in North Fort Myers, Fl. where she raises her two children, both are artists of their own accord.  An adult Son and younger daughter, “Kitty Kat”.

Phoenix has been very artistic most of her life. She recalls art class as her favorite subject all through school.

Having a passion for the unknown and beyond, she quickly by the age of 10, became fascinated with the death and decomposition of organic matter. Even thinking about working in the death industry when she would grow up. Phoenix’s peculiar interest in all things oddity was glittered as she grew, due to her parents’ love for nature themselves. Her father, a land surveyor, would stumble upon remnants of God’s creatures while at work and bring them home, where the various remains would be cleaned and preserved for ornamentation around their home.

Fast forward to 2017 where she began the resourceful gathering of creatures who had an untimely death along the roads. She finds this particular medium most astonishing because she is able to take a moment to bless the life lost and to be able to remove them from the lanes of traffic.  As she breathes a life repurposed into the remains, she has a strict moral compass to never engage in the harm of living things for her art, a self-proclaimed eclectic artist & eccentric witch who experiments with all sorts of techniques using nature and natural materials.

Lastly, Phoenix strives to understand death in its totality. Which most importantly includes the transcendence of our soul energy after death engulfs our human body. She feels honored to have been present for this delicate moment, with her paternal Grandmother 1998 and her Father 2008. Each of these deaths is ingrained in the fabric of the artist she has become. She felt a wholeness, a warmth to the moment when she believes their souls left their bodies. Leaving behind an empty earthbound vessel. This would catapult her into unequivocal acceptance of life after death and would become forever altered.

She is an advocate of green burial spaces and is interested in establishing a dedicated area here in Lee County.    

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