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Radial Pilgrim

Alex Lago

Opens: April 2nd | 6:00PM

Closes: April 28th | 3:00PM

General Admission: $1 entry donation

Call the box office for more info


Radial Pilgrim

The idea of a walking island is a paradox itself, just a starting point, to speak visually of the experience of growing up in motion, it is a personal evocation of the origin and the path, of a perennial process of self-knowledge and reconciliation. Every island is an illusion, we know, it is actually a fragment of land interconnected, deep down, with a larger whole. Walking, on the other hand, reflects the idea of a dynamic identity, where the links are generated in the walk, in the experience, challenging our predetermined conceptions and displaying at each step a more panoramic vision of our existence.

I was born on an island, in a city and now I live in a forest, and in between them, there has been the world. My experience has led me to transmute my exiled status into a path of universal learning, which I think, in the end, is not only mine. The path of life is a constant exile for everyone, in which something essential accompanies us and grows on the way. In my work, there is usually an emblematic, mythical component that has always fascinated me to explore and develop. In this particular proposal, symbols and images converge reflecting the most notable tensions of my life, those that exist between stability and movement, between living a present and leaving behind. In this game, I can’t avoid what confronts me with myself.

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