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Norlam De Leon


Opens: April 2nd | 6:00PM

Closes: April 29th | 3:00PM

*Gallery closed April 16th

General Admission: $1 entry donation

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In the immense custom of establishing a work of questions and answers with the “reality”, the questions are imperative. The answers all the time come with the living advancement of a host of experiences that may give an ambiguous consent of the existence. This happens when I admire the “Rocks”, because they are elements that have always determined the spiritual and the material development of our history, reflecting the human’s thought, from the roughest and organic surfaces, up to the most sophisticated architectural masks of contemporariness. However, technology has sculpted the rules of almost all our futuristic life projects, and in the artistic commitment I like to leave a continuous dialog between the primitive shape of the rocks, as a recognizable image, and the complex behavioral methods of the technologically civilized human. It used the language of the abstraction as the existential “Veil” within the recognition of the present, from the side of the society entertained in the “Progress”, and the simple, but ambitious spirituality of a “Megalithic” monument.

In its most traditional complex, the engraved is a tool, which (if wanted), promotes the conceptual serialization of the shape, multiple image, a manner of expressing the persistent subjectivity. But, through molds of the relief engraved, drawing and painting, I prefer to promote the exercise of “allude to”, of point to theways that start from a unique image, suitable to itself, very independent. I do not pretend to establish a generalized critique of the contemporary, neither a worship to its complexity, but a subtle educational suggestion to reflect about the moral need of the calm and the human genesis. I put up a work, based in many themes, stonework which narrates  or show names, objects, spaces, shapes, habits, attitudes.  

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