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Six Fingers Studios: Audio Engineers

 Browse the audio engineers at Six Fingers Studios! Listen to recordings below their photos, and click the images to read their bios.

Braun Balsai first gained local attention after he recorded and co-produced local artist Kyle Anne’s Florida EP. He is currently in his last year of the Music Education program at FGCU. He has experience performing, arranging and producing folk, rock, country, reggae and hip hop. He can also perform on guitar, bass, piano, percussion (aux and set), and saxophone.

Braun Balsai

  1. Florida Kyle Anne Duggan 0:16
  2. Ultralife Oh Wonder 3:16
  3. Smiling Out Loud Julie Parrott 4:22

Marc is an engineer/producer with decades of experience recording and playing different styles of independent music from alt-country to punk rock and more. He favors the less glossy side of recording and prefers to capture the band as close to their true and natural sound as possible. As a singwriter, arranger, and musician himself, he is also able to help construct songs and give input and critique as needed.

Marc Davis

  1. Steady And Sure exploding pages 5:01
  2. Revolution Bummer Plural Being 0:33
  3. (Tha Way U Feel) So Soff let's go exploring! 0:25

Peter Flower received his certification in audio engineering from Recording Connection. Since then, Peter has worked on podcasts, full band recordings, and more. Peter is also classically trained in piano with more than 20 years experience. Plus, he has been drumming for 5 years in local bands like The Young Dead and Skyhacker.

Pete Flower

  1. Groupies The Young Dead 1:56
  2. Female Fronted Love Your Rebellion 3:28

 Tiger Sarg is a Recording Arts graduate of Full Sail University. His musical interests range anywhere from Classical to Death Metal. Having obtained extensive knowledge of Professional Audio Engineering, Tonal/Atonal Music Theory, and musicianship of multiple instruments, Tiger Sarg continues his passionate pursuit of knowledge in the realm of audio.

Tiger Sarg

  1. Country Engineered by Tiger Sarg 0:09
  2. Classical Engineered by Tiger Sarg 0:20
  3. Metal Engineered by Tiger Sarg 0:14

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