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Audio Engineers

Matthew Kronz


Matt is a SWFL native. He grew up in Naples, Florida and attended Palmetto Ridge High School. He graduated from Florida South Western in 2019 with an Associates in Arts and Certificate in Audio Production. He is working on applying to University to complete his Bachelors in Music Technology as well as Music education. Matt is also a guitar player that has played with the Florida Southwestern College Jazz Band as well as a Studio band for the school that explored a few genres of music such as Reggae, R&B, Pop, & Neosoul.  His go to DAW is Protools but he is comfortable in many audio production platforms.

Kevin Tia


Kevin  was born in Miami, Florida in January of 1997. In 2014, at the age of 17, Kevin began to produce music and experiment with sound design.  He is well established in Logic Pro X and uses Logic Pro X for his recording, mixing, and mastering. He has released 2 projects under his “Distortion.wav” alias. In May of 2019, he released an experimental EP called “Curiosity”, which he created in 2017 during his time at FIU in Miami, Florida. 

In August of 2019, he released an EP called “Rap Instrumentals Vol. 1”. 

This project was created in 2019.

Benjamin Burnette

Ben was trained locally as an audio engineer through Unity Gain Recording Studio in the art of multitrack recording. At Unity Gain, He gained hands on experience through dozens of sessions with a variety of local artists ranging in genres from rock and roll to Latin American styles to Hip Hop and more. After training in the various aspects of recording, editing, mixing, and mastering, Ben was certified in audio recording through Unity Gain in 2018.

Ben has worked on various gigs with different artists in his capacity as an engineer including home recording services and live sound. Ben started out in live sound by helping a local church with their Sunday services and running sound for a local reggae band, the Jeb Taylor Band. Ben currently works for Dees Audio Engineer, LLC on various live sound production jobs. 

Ben’s interest in music goes beyond the mic and the mixing board. He primarily plays electric guitar but does dabble in other instruments as well. It was actually his interest in recording his own music that sparked Ben’s journey in establishing a career as an audio engineer. In his free time, Ben records and produces music at home. 

Session Musicians

Joe Hill is a musical renaissance man. He is an accomplished multi-instrumentalist, composer, experienced audio engineer, and performer. His multifaceted skill set allows him to appear frequently throughout the music industry. 

Joe began playing music at the age of 4 learning piano. By age 8, he learned to play the saxophone and was beginning to learn the guitar and bass. In high school Joe picked up drums and percussion and was building a composition portfolio. 

In the summer of 2002 Joe attended FSU where he studied composition and finished his compositional education at the Prague Conservatoire. Within a week of returning to the US, Joe went on tour with George Clinton and later worked in George’s private studio in Monticello, Georgia. It was there where he truly learned the craft of recording with both analog and digital techniques. 

Joe left Florida and spent two years as a working musician in Manhattan playing everywhere he could. After leaving New York, Joe worked as a hired musician for many tours and worked in several studios throughout the country. Some of these include Monkey Trench studios in Bremerton, WA, Earthsound Studios in Valdosta, GA, All Access Studios in Tampa, and regularly consults and contributes on projects for most studios in the SWFL area. 

In between tours and recording, Joe also taught private instruction at the Cape Coral Academy of Music for over 10 years and specializes in working with students with special needs and intellectual disabilities.  

In more recent years, Joe has been playing in several bands for Foreman Productions while serving as PR Director. He has been busy working as a musician, composer, engineer, film producer, and marketer. Joe Hill’s unflappable work ethic and drive keeps him looking forward to that next big project. 

Studio Manager

Tommy Giaime


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