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Urban Dreamscapes

Opens: Friday September 7th • 6pm

Closes: September 27th • 5pm

General Admission: $1 entry donation

Call the box office for more info


About Syzygy

Syzygy: although the word embodies several meanings, most notably it refers to the alignment of celestial bodies – the uncanny act of nature between that which usually opposes one another. In this union of opposites, we find two styles of art born from unique perspectives, infused to create something entirely new.

Individually, Syzygy artists Nick Masiello and Danielle Branchaud have earned a respected place in the SWFL art community. Still, the combination of their two styles defies expectations. The paintings in the Syzygy series prove that opposites can combine to develop cohesive and unique creations.

These works present a complex, albeit refreshing, glimpse into a world based on thoughtful introspection as well as social commentary. Those concepts are translated into a new language by each artist, scribed onto canvas in turn through the application of various media to share its narrative.

The styles and thoughts of each individual artist still exists in the body of the work, but is now somehow transcended through the energetic, cryptic, stream of consciousness process in its creation. Learn more about Syzygy Collaborative Art Project on their website.

Ticket Policy

All sales are final. There are no refunds or exchanges on tickets except for cancelled events that are not rescheduled. SBDAC does not offer refunds on purchased ticket. In rare circumstances when a performance may be cancelled (due to extreme weather, artist absence, or other unavoidable situations) we offer refunds or replacement tickets for another performance.

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