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Syzygy Presents:

The Great Collab Challenge

Opens: February 5th | 6:00PM

Closes: February 25th | 3:00PM

General Admission: $1 entry donation

Call the box office for more info


Syzygy Presents: the Great Collab Challenge

The Syzygy Collaborative Art Project was founded in 2016 in the spirit of a blending of unique and distinctive styles to produce artwork that challenged expectations. For years, founders Nick Masiello and Danielle Branchaud explored the endless possibilities uncovered by such an endeavor, and produced a series of work that debuted in 2018 in Syzygy Presents: Urban Dreamscapes.

The results are extraordinary when you take a chance with someone, and it is in that same spirit that Syzygy would like to invite local artists to undertake the same challenge. Artists are encouraged to come together, as a pairing or a group, to create something unexpected and profound. The Great Collab Challenge is an open call group show, and collaborative teams can submit their efforts for consideration for inclusion in the exhibition. The minimum number of participating artists in any given project is two, and there is no maximum. Syzygy only asks that each participant contribute an equal amount of effort toward the finished artwork using their preferred tools or media. There is no age requirement, and participants needn’t be established artists themselves. They need only be active participants in the process. Submitted artwork must abide by the guidelines provided in the official call for artists, and the names of each participating artist must be included in the submission. All 2d and 3d media is acceptable.

Collaboration fosters more than just new original artwork, but a new experience in cooperation, communication, and execution through the artistic process. Yet the most vital part of the process that Syzygy encourages is that artists enjoy themselves! Artists have the opportunity to enjoy the company of their friends, peers, or family members as they work together to create a work of art. It’s surprising what one can draw from this experience – take it from us! Syzygy will provide tips and advice on this process and how to develop a successful collaboration via our social media pages.


Ticket Policy

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