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June Juried Art show

The Key to Creativity

Artist: Open Call to Artists

Opens: June 2nd | 6:00pm

Closes: June 29th | 5:00pm

SBDAC’s Grand Atrium

Donations Encouraged

Call Box Office for more information


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What is the key that unlocks your creativity?

For some it can be a walk among nature, a sunset, meeting a new person, a conversation at a cafe. Or it can come from emotions in the other side of the spectrum, losing somebody, a breakup or depression. 

Some artists wait for inspiration to visit, while others work until they hit the aha! moment.

Some go through delirious moments of creation, and then jump to moments that nothing seems to come to mind. 

Or what about the moments when you have come to a creative block? 

What have helped you to come out of it? 

For this year challenge the SBDAC wants to know what is the key to your creativity and share it to the world and help inspire more fellow humans in search for a better world.

The rules are simple, To submit artwork for consideration, please follow these guidelines:

*Artists may submit up to FOUR pieces for consideration. ($30)

*All media is accepted, including sculpture. There are no size restrictions, so long as the piece will fit through standard doorways and is ready to display. (3-dimensional pieces must be display-ready, either free-standing or wall-hanging)

*Please upload quality images (no more than 2mb in size, jpeg) labeled appropriately for identification purposes (ex: lastname_title.jpg) 


*Artists not from the SWFL area are responsible for any and all shipping costs for the delivery of accepted artwork and the return of unsold work.

*Pending acceptance, artwork must be ready to display. 2D work must be ready to hang with hanging wire or appropriate hardware, and the sculpture must be free-standing. Pedestals can be provided for small-scale 3D works. Any works not display-ready upon the drop-off date are subject to rejection!

*Artwork must have been produced within the past 12 months. Art previously exhibited at SBDACt shows will not be accepted.

**Most importantly, artwork must adhere to the theme “key to creativity” any artwork not related to the theme will not be accepted.

The deadline for submissions is Monday, May 22nd

Submissions will be open soon!

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