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“Them: An Anthology of Migration”

Mila Bridger, Mariapia Malerba, Danielle Branchaud, Reynier Llanes, Juan Diaz, Cesar Aguilera, Aimee Perez, Ndola Penzy and Brian Weaver 

Opens: Friday, February 1st • 6pm

Closes: February 21st • 5pm

General Admission: $1 entry donation

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About “Them: An Anthology of Migration”

We live in extraordinary times under extraordinary social and environmental demands, all of which we are confronting with an extraordinary innocence of the real implications these demands have in the future survival of all of humanity and all of life on Earth.

Instead, here in America we have chosen to deny the real dangers of a collapsing environment and those of an eroding democracy, choosing instead to elevate petty, childish and largely unfounded arguments to the level of a national crisis in an effort to focus our attention away from what is actually causing those dangers.

The rhetoric being promoted by the current administration is designed to create division, and it has focused on immigrants as the scapegoats of choice and that is truly dangerous. By equating them as ignorant, low-level skill people, and only good for jobs that Americans would not do, a false difference is created.

But that cannot be farther from the truth. America is a country founded by immigrants, and many of the most successful companies in the US were created and founded by immigrants, such as Tesla, Google, Ebay, Yahoo, Dupont, Kraft Foods, Intel among others. 43 percent of companies in the 2017 Fortune 500 were founded or co-founded by an immigrant or the child of an immigrant, and among the Top 35, that share is 57 percent.

However, immigrants not only contributed to the creation of major corporations, in the arts there are also big names like Willem de Kooning, Mark Rothko, John James Audubon, Christo and many others. These are people that by any measuring standard have made America Great with their talent and their loyalty to the American ideal.

Here in Southwest Florida, we have great examples of this too; we have immigrant artists whose work is well known and whose cultural contribution is positive proof to the contrary of the divisive rhetoric.

This exhibit highlights the work of some of those amazing artists and celebrates the spirit that has created one of the greatest nations in the history of the world. Curated by Cesar Aguilera

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