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Through Their Eyes

Opens: September 6th • 6pm

Closes: September 26th • 5pm

General Admission: $1 entry donation

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Through Their Eyes

“Ever since the advent of artistic endeavor, portraiture has been vital to its evolution. The depiction of individuals was of great importance to posterity, especially early in human history before one had mirrors or reflective materials to see oneself accurately. Yet, the art of portraiture has evolved beyond a simple realistic depiction of a person; beyond religious iconography or royal families. Now artists seek to capture the spirit of an individual, so that they may be seen through a creative lens as something transcendent. Portraiture has too become an inclusive genre for a wide variety of media, from traditional painting to sculpture to photography.

In this exhibition, we have invited 36 local artists specializing in awide variety of styles and media to capture one another in their own unique fashion. Each artist will create a work of art featuring a randomly selected fellow artist, in order to present their own inimitable perspective – through their eyes.”

Curated by Cesar Aguilera

Ticket Policy

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