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Unfunctional Function

Juan Abuela

Opens: May 7th | 6:00PM

Closes: May 27th | 3:00PM

General Admission: $1 entry donation

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Appearances. This word in today’s world is as necessary as the unstoppable and super accelerated technological advancement. They both go hand in hand. Technology, which is an efficacious tool, allows us to show ourselves off to the world. This can be achieved by using social media, or any other outlet to stand out and “shine”. We want to be different. We must accept the times in which we are living in. Its our era, my era. However, it is also our duty to adjust and seize the opportunity to enhance our individuality. What troubles me is the false reality in which we are fixated on demonstrating. I am not innocent by any means and have faltered by becoming an accomplice to boastful nature. We have all succumbed to the flow of the modern world and the constant temptation to gloat about our riches. These ideals burden us with a continuous worry over unnecessary vanity. These growing customs of reflecting a “superior” version of ourselves have, in a consequential form, incited the use of wood to materialize my project. Having been born of a generation of carpenters and artists, the use of the wooden sculptures in synergy with the canvases that act as the foundation to my oils, help identify who I truly am and where I come from.

The included paintings in the series allow me to spaciously express myself in a more surrealistic and less cumbersome form. Drawing from Frank Stella as a reference, who emphasized paintings as an object, instead of paintings as a representation of something, the Suprematism movement, Piet Mondrian where the use of color and geometric shapes prevail, Ettore Sottsas the founder of the Memphis Group where the primary motivation was color and design, the Bauhaus concept “form follows function”, Dali’s surrealistic use of drawers in his works, Chema Madoz in his ironic representation of false realities, and lastly the works of Los Carpinteros, my series takes form and “Unfunctional Function” is birthed. Where color, design, ambiguousness, and capricious yet ironic forms that can be quite subjective take center stage. These shapes can be extremely subjective as they can appear as a form of architecture or even acquire the posture of a human.

This decontextualized unfunctional “furniture” allows the drawer to draw attention with its glossy surface and chromatism in the same way that nature places vibrant colors on every flower to attract insects that pollinate or to adorn venomous creatures as a sign that danger is present. Comparably, my works invite contemplation and reflection. In the literal reflection of my pieces, we can question ourselves. Contrastingly, in the natural and rustic textures of wood, we can only admire and judge. The different forms and designs mirror diverse human attitudes. In the contrasting opulent exterior and an empty interior, the action that creates a conflict and the irony that everything works backwards is the proposed discourse to provoke the questioning of “Is it worth filling our polished and sumptuous “furniture” with wisdom, virtue, love, and peace?”

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