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When Stone Speaks

Alice Kiderman

Opens: November 5th • 6pm

Closes: November 22nd • 5pm


Gallery Hours:

Monday-Thursday 10am-5pm

Fridays 10am-10pm


General Admission: $1 entry donation

Call the box office for more info


This series of sculptures explores themes of transition and reinterpretation. It is also a study in bridging past and present. Connection to the past has always been a theme in my work, especially given that I work with stone, material as old as the earth itself. It presents a challenge of resistance that draws me to it.

Essentially, a work of art simultaneously taps into the universal and the personal. In creating, an artist is expressing their own history, inner thoughts, feelings, and motivations. However, the core of these elements is often universal: human emotion and experiences that are translated into sculpture for the viewer to contemplate upon.

Several sculptures are accompanied by poetry written by Shira Atik as reflections to the sculptures, and are to inspire self-reflection.

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