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On Friday, March 1st, Wynwood artist Luis Valle opens his new exhibition in downtown Fort Myers! Valle’s work has graced the streets of Miami, Orlando, and Denver. Southwest Florida can now experience his powerful works at SBDAC throughout the month of March. Learn more about the exhibition and Luis Valle below.

Wynwood Artist Luis Valle

Luis Valle Pulse Orlando Mural

Luis Valle, aka El Chan Guri, grew up in Miami, where he excelled in the arts from an early age. Valle received his formal training from Florida State University. There, he earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in visual arts while focusing on painting and metal fabrication. He later went on to receive a Master in Arts Degree from New York University, where he developed an interest in video and video art while continuing his progression as a painter.

Valle’s mural art can be seen in many major cities, including Miami, Orlando, and Denver. Several of Valle’s murals can be found in Wynwood. Valle also helped create a mural in Orlando dedicated to the victims of the Pulse shooting.

Vibrations: Urban Art Exhibition

Currently, Luis is very active in the Miami art scene creating commissioned murals, as well as street art pieces on businesses and neighborhoods throughout South Florida. His style can be easily recognized, as it is a blend of influences from indigenous cultures, psychology, shamanism, religion, spirituality, frequency, vibration and energy.

Vibrations: Urban Art Exhibition will feature some of the largest works from the Wynwood Artist. They pull from all dimensions of his style and expertise, and bring a vibrancy to the gallery walls. Vibrations will be on display from March 1st – 29th. Plus, Valle will present a live art segment during the opening night celebration. Click here to learn more about Luis Valle.

March Art Openings

SBDAC features two additional art openings alongside Luis Valle. In the second floor Capital Gallery, see Janet Vince’s And Now for Something Completely Different, and in the Conservatory, celebrate the Fort Myers High School art students’ graduating art works. The opening night reception on March 1st takes place from 6 – 10pm.

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