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The Artful 8

Artist: Group Show

Artist: Group Show

Opens: August 2nd | 6:00pm

Closes: August 29th | 5:00pm

SBDAC’s Grand Atrium

Entry: Donations

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In numerology 8 embodies the exquisite equilibrium between the materialistic and spiritual realms. The paramount essence of this number resides in its captivating shape. Behold its symmetrical beauty, for the Figure 8 stands as the epitome of cosmic balance and unwavering stability. Moreover, the number 8 exudes an unparalleled force and fortitude, encapsulated within its very symbolism: the infinite loop. Thus, 8 becomes intertwined with an unceasing surge of energy and might, whether it be in matters of wealth, opulence, vitality, or sagacity. Prepare to be enthralled by the dramatic allure of the mighty 8, as it unveils the secrets of boundless power and everlasting abundance.

8 different artists were assigned one aspect of the number 8, they will spend a year delving into the meaning to create their unique takes on the subject.

1. Maria Collier 2. Mully 3. Mariapia Malerba 4. Juliana Versari 5. Anthony Gartner 6. Cesar Aguilera 7. Brian Weaver 8. Bradford Herman

  1. Balance and Harmony: Artists in this section explore the idea of balance and harmony in their works, utilizing the visual symmetry of the number 8 as inspiration. 
  2. Infinite Loop: This section showcases artworks that play with the concept of an infinite Loop drawing parallels with the mathematical representation of the number 8. 
  3. Cultural Connections: Artists here delve into the cultural significance of the number 8, drawing inspiration from various traditions and their interpretations of this numeral. 
  4. Transformation and Renewal: The  transformative nature of the number 8 is explored in the section with artworks that depict metamorphosis growth and renewal.
    1. Lucky Charms: This section focuses on the luck and prosperity associated with the number 8, with artists creating works that evoke positive energies and good fortune. 
    2. Cosmic Dimensions: Artists in this section take a cosmic approach, connecting the number 8 to celestial bodies and cosmic cycles. 
    3. Numerology and Mathematics: The mathematical properties of the number 8 are explored here, with artworks that incorporate patterns, sequences, and mathematical concepts. 
    4. Personal Journeys: The final section showcases deeply personal interpretations of the number 8, where artists reflect on their own life journeys and experiences, weaving them into their creations.

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