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Rooftop Yoga

Edric’s Yoga and Conscious Movement

Tuesdays at 7:00pm

Arrive 15 minutes early to register

Sidneys Rooftop Sculpture Garden

$15 at door

Call Box Office for more information


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Message from the instructor:

As Edricyoga_conscious_movement, I refer to myself as Caribbean Sensei or Swami Rafik. With infinite gratitude and love, I channel infinite divine energy. Movement, breathing, and expression are all components of my gift. Many people in life are called the infinitely chosen will see.  Please come as you are. We welcome all levels of experience. In a relaxed, loving environment, we express energy through movement, sound, vibration balance, and stillness. It is our intention to harmonize with the universe (369) , the frequency of 432 Hz, and to trust in the moment. Let yourself be nothing and everything at the same time. I believe that art is magic, and  it is healing, and  it is life, passion, and love. Yeeshwah. Thank you in advance for being present for yourself. One love.

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