What Exactly is There to do in This Beautiful Building?





May we come inside? Is this a museum? How much does it cost to enter? What will we see here? These are the most often asked questions I receive at my desk. First of all, YES! Please do come inside! And bring your friends and family with you! All are so very welcome.

The simple truth is that although our building is quite grand and there are some similarities, we are not a museum. 

What is the difference between a museum and a gallery? 

Primarily, most museums display permanent installations and are not even allowed to sell their holdings as per the museum associations to which they belong. Museums generally have a specific focus such as a particular artist, genre, or historical event, ect. In most cases, museums also charge an entrance fee to help support their mission. 

Our two galleries have showings that oscillate monthly in order to afford our artists the most exposure possible. We do not generally hold permanent pieces, as it is our hope that visitors will fall in love with these amazing works, purchase, and display them in their homes and offices. We truly believe in and love the artists we represent and are convinced you will too! Therefore, we never charge an admission fee to come and view these incredible creations.

 Although we have galleries inside, we are so much more!

What we actually are at the Sidney & Berne Davis Art Center is a multi-cultural arts center. This means we fully support all diversities and we have something for everyone here. This also wonderfully translates to a wide variety of offerings for every taste. As a functional community center there could be a myriad of events taking place during any given week. For example, a gorgeous couple taking their vows in our grand atrium, an acapella group recording a demo in Six Fingers Studio, a Peruvian cooking class in the kitchen, a joyful retirement party in the conservatory, a violin lesson in the hall, a promotion celebration in the back with a full bar, a bat mitzvah upstairs, or a bluegrass band rocking out on the loggia! 

Yes, that is what this beautiful building has to offer you.

As our CEO has ever so eloquently stated,

“…We must never lose sight of the tremendous impact the performing and visual arts can have on the quality of life for everyone, especially our future generations. Fostering imagination and creative thinking helps children connect to themselves and their cultures. The arts can speak directly to their dreams and aspirations.”  ~Jim Griffith

I think he sums it all up quite nicely, I could never have said it better…


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