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Divergent Inspiration

Artist: An Inclusive Group Show by the STARability Foundation

Artist: Group Show

Opens: May 3rd | 6:00pm

Closes: May 30th | 5:00pm

SBDAC’s Grand Atrium

Entry: Donations

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The STARability Foundation is an inclusive community that shines a light on ability, not disability. Our mission is to transform the lives of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. We support people with disabilities by providing life-transforming opportunities that emphasize Teamwork, and connection to the community to build Awareness and Respect for individual abilities.

The organization has roots in the community since 1984 but has developed quickly since 2016 to become what we are today. We currently offer in-person and virtual programs, plus vocational training and employment support to hundreds of individuals and their families.  The need for these local services continues to expand.

One of the many programs The STARability Foundation offers is an Art Program. Our creative specialist Cath Branwood, as well as volunteer artists from The Naples Art Institute,  work each week with STAR artist participants to encourage their creativity. For many of our participants, this is the opportunity to fully express themselves without their disability being a factor. Art and the process of making it provides freedom is completely inclusive and is a therapeutic process. 

What is unique about the art created by our participants, is that the art while being fun to make, also promotes motor function success and directed task focus.  Art is an observation and a unique representation of the divergent minds of our STAR artists. In a world where many choices are often taken out of our participants’ lives, Art becomes a simple opportunity for our artists to advocate for themselves through color and materials choice and the ability to create their own artwork exactly as they want. The fundamental joy and pride of seeing the result of their artwork provide the feeling of personal success for each participant.

The exhibition will be totally inclusive featuring the art of as many of our STAR artists as we are able to represent.  We want to show that Art is as much for the benefit of the individual creating the art as for the viewer. The art show theme will be “Divergent Inspiration” With our participants being recently largely inspired by the work and styles of famous artists  (Van Gogh, Kandinsky, Frida Kahlo, Andy Warhol, Mondrian, and more) Our STAR artists will bring their unique and mixed abilities, divergent minds and personal perspective on the world to each piece displayed. 

We also will be working with groups of STAR artists and local artists to bring larger collaborative pieces and possibly performance art too. We work with many vocational sites at local businesses, and we may also collaborate with these groups to bring together a completely inclusive art show for the whole community. 

 It will be exciting to reach out to the local community in this unique way to build bridges, dissolve fear and promote understanding and inclusivity for all individuals with different abilities.  Our STAR artists and participants are always enthusiastic to achieve their goals and will not disappoint. 

The work of the STARability Foundation is very well supported within our Naples and SWFL community, so we are determined and sure that the show will be a very positive event for all individuals and organizations involved.

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