Six Fingers Studios: FAQ

Get answers to the most frequently asked questions about Six Fingers Studios.

When was Six Fingers Studios built?

Six Fingers Studios was completed in 2016 and includes state-of-the-art sound capturing booths. Construction was made possible in part by the 2016 Pageant of Light Royal Court.

How are the sound booths built?

The sound booths were built with Studiobricks. Studiobricks are modular sound insulation blocks that were shipped from Spain and built onsite at SBDAC. Each room is “dead,” making them perfect for isolated tracking and live multi-tracking. Studiobricks are built with solid wood and environmentally-friendly MDF material, including solvent-free, water-based paint.

What are the features of the recording spaces?

There are three recording spaces inside Six Fingers: the Thumb, the Bird, and the Pinkie. Each space is a dead room. The Thumb and the Bird booths are ideal for live instrument tracking, podcast recording, live multi-track recording, vocal track recording, and much more. The Thumb is approximately 10’ x 9’. The Bird is approximately 14’ x 12’. The Pinkie is the designated vocal booth, measuring 5’ x 3’, and comes equipped an independent Natural Air system. With three isolated rooms, tracking can be done much faster by setting up multiple rooms, or recording live. Schedule a tour to see these remarkable spaces for yourself!

Is live multi-track recording possible?

Because each booth is a dead room, live multi-track recording is possible! There will be no bleed through between tracks recorded live in different rooms. Discuss with your engineer how to optimize your recording time using live multi-track recording.

Does recording time include a sound engineer?

Clients have two options when it comes to hiring a sound engineer. The client can choose from the list of Six Fingers sound engineers on our webpage, or hire a sound engineer of their choosing. Inclusions and pricing may vary. Please contact us to request a studio contract with complete rental options and limitations.

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