Something Old

“If you do it right the first time, you won’t have to do it a second time.” Mrs. Barrens told me regarding my third grade homework. Throughout the many-many moons ever since, I have heard her valuable words resonating in my brain every time I have felt success with anything done right. I find this to be true of every aspect of life whether I am raising a child, painting a bookcase, or writing a little blog about how my brilliant team consistently creates the perfect wedding at the art center.

As I put my mind to marriage, the venerable adage of “Something old, something new…” jumps into my heart. Interestingly, this particular axiom is riddled with apprehensions to keep vexings away from the bride’s womb combined with offerings of blessings towards longevity for the marriage. Personally, I am not prone to fearful superstitions, yet the saying still appeals to me on a deeply respectful level for all things ancient.

Luck would have it in this modern age, couples carry as much or as little tradition into their wedding day as they wish. Love is no longer bound by such silliness as the past had been by mentionings of avoiding the “Evil Eye” in order to have a prolific and lasting marriage.

Oh but that first bit…

Something old ~the part of the most honored rhyme that represents the hope for continuity. An expectation that the union will be blessed for many years to come. I like that! If you are looking for your “something old”, I like to think SBDAC fits that bill quite well.

The Sidney & Berne Davis Art Center is not only strikingly handsome with its neoclassical style and distinctively iconic row of columns out front, it carries an extensive history as a First Street landmark since 1933. The beauty of this building is like no other and your wedding photos will astound any that lay their eyes upon them! Once you marry the love of your life here, these long standing limestone and coral columns will remain right here waiting to celebrate your 50th wedding anniversary with you.

Let the Sidney & Berne Davis Art Center become your very own “something old” and allow us to create the wedding of your dreams! The right way is YOUR way ~ We do it right the first time because there won’t be a second time.

While you work on your wedding vows, I offer this little changeup as my gift to the betrothed.

~Something borrowed, Something blue,

Yes, we have the fairy tale wedding just for you!

Donning Grandma’s long loved lace, or Christina Wu,

we got it covered, we can do!

Majestic gowns with three hundred crew, or modest list of a select few, this day is meant to join the hearts of two.~

For a fun tour of our gorgeous venue, give us a call at 239-333-1933 and ask for Melody or Stasi.


Rebel Lilly

~A lover of lesser used words, critters of every order, and coffee. She is the girl that prefers her flowers uncut, her sunshine unbroken by clouds, and her toes in the sand.  

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