The Many Hats She Wore

I could only imagine the fascinating goings-on of the Oval Office. What a day must feel like for those privy to the ins and outs of such an establishment! After serving six years with President Reagan, Karna Small Bodman, is one of these such people. She has had the unique privileges of working in Washington, flying aboard Airforce One, writing and influencing many of our domestic as well as foreign policies, and sitting in on arms control talks with dignitaries in Geneva, all while having the ear of the president on a near daily basis. This amazing lady, to say the least, has rubbed elbows with anyone and everyone in the know! Karna climbed up this slippery political ladder by first earning her way as a San Francisco news reporter, and later gaining a seat as an anchor on television news in DC, she also hosted a nationally syndicated radio show covering in-depth economic issues. She moved into the position of Deputy Press Secretary, traveling far and wide speaking on behalf of President Reagan. As her skills widened, Karna then served as the Senior Director for the National Security Council and was the highest ranking woman on The White House staff before donning yet another hat as the Senior Vice President of a public affairs firm. 

After all those years of writing for someone else, she is now taking the time to write for herself. Her years of insider experience affords her first-hand knowledge on how things really operate in Washington as well as abroad. It is through her thriller fiction writing she hopes to convey an understanding of that process while also entertaining her readers. Karna has so far published five books in the most intriguing, White House National Security series. 

Oh the stories she has yet to tell! I, for one, am so curious to learn what she is currently working on. Lunch with her may very well be the proverbial fly on the executive department wall experience I have always wanted. 



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