Three Things You Really Ought To Know About The Most Sought After Violinist on the International Stages

First and foremost, violinist James Ehnes began studying the violin at the tender age of five. Now, I have no idea what you were learning at that age, but the author of this blog was researching the varying degrees of quality in fine mud-pie making. I tend not to employ the art of comparison when it comes to people, but this man is at the top of the evolutionary scale of the musically inclined! And I am not the only one saying so, as Diapason wrote, “Ehnes confirms the predictions of Erick Friedman, eminent student of Heifetz: ‘there is only one like him born every hundred years’.”

With that said, it only makes sense that Mr. Ehnes plays the 3 centuries old “Ex-Marsick” Stradivarius of 1715, valued in the millions due to its rarity and the quality of craft so widely recognized by its creator, the famed Italian luthier, Antonio Stradivari of Cremona. Although the high value is impressive, it is the tone of this precious instrument in the hands of Mr. Ehnes that will move your heart and change you forevermore.

Mr. Ehnes has won numerous awards including: Best Classical Instrument Solo for his recording of the Violin Concerto by Aaron Jay Kernis, and: Best Contemporary Classical Composition for the same album at the 61st Annual Grammy Awards (2019). Ladies and gentlemen, that isn’t just a single Grammy (as if one could scoff at a single Grammy), that is two that he earned that year! Currently, Mr. Ehnes is Artist in Residence with the Dallas Symphony Orchestra, and keeps a demanding international recital schedule as well. I can hardly wait to see what he does next!

If you are anything like me, you will be excited to learn you can see him launching into the new year as he will be performing right here in Fort Myers at Sidney & Berne Davis Art Center on February 11th! And if that isn’t enough, American classical pianist Orion Weiss is joining him! Now you know we are certainly in for a treat! Click on our calendar of events to get your seats before they are gone. It’s also worth mentioning that students get an extra sweet deal on their ticket.

Alright, I admit that was more than three things, (and I promise, I am usually quite capable to count to three) yet when there is so much talent wrapped up in one human it quickly becomes a challenge to stop writing. Some may accuse me of overselling his talent, I say come and allow your own senses to decide.

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