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Time Kills

Artist: Ava Williams

Artist: Ava Williams

Opens: March 1st | 6:00pm

Closes: March 28th | 5:00pm

SBDAC’s Capital Gallery

Entry: Donations

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“Time Kills” is an exhibition focusing on an exploration of mediums representing details of overlooked objects in my world. Colors, textures, and mediums are chosen specifically to exhibit the feel expressed by those belongings- I feel as if these “overlooked objects” have a story that resonates with my life. Whether it be my face inserted in a world of 80s technology or a collection of forgotten children’s toys, I believe that displaying these portraits in an artistic manner speaks to the general audience about voices that are begging to be heard.

The title of my exhibit, “Time Kills”, plays into my personal life experiences that have pushed me to create these messages in my artworks. As an 18-year-old artist, I feel as if there is a bittersweet nature in the fact that so much time has passed in my perspective, but also so much left to live. The general theme in my self-inserted portrait works is curated around the idea of me growing up and struggling to let go of the vivid imagery stuck in my mind.

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